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Reverence pigments solves the biggest problem the permanent the makeup industry has grappled with for years, incorrect eyebrow pigment formulas that result in unsatisfactory gray/blue and red/pink healed results for you and your clients.

Our inorganic iron oxide permanent makeup eyebrow pigment collection was formulated responsibly by the number one PMU pigment pioneer, chemist, and retired PMU technician of 32 years. Our formula has been working and compliant with EU standards since the very beginning. None of the ingredients in Reverence pigments were ever on the 2022 EU REACH banned list. All of our brown colors have a brown base color, using specific iron oxides that don’t shift in color, we never use carbon black in our eyebrow formulas. As our browns slowly fade they remain a lighter version of their original color until it completely fades away by 2.5 years, the way brow pigment should perform. Our brown pigments have been calcined which creates not only beautiful hues but also reinforces stability. Ethyl alcohol is our wetting agent, carrier fluid, and preservative, the slight smell of ethyl alcohol is your assurance that there is no bacteria in the bottle. After a proprietary mulling process, the slightest amount of glycerine has been added for the technicians ease of use. But rest assured that the mass-tone remains excellent, the lightfastness is 7-8 for all colors, and the bleed resistance is outstanding.

Our browns are real and are not created by mixing carbon black or red as a base, therefore our browns don’t heal blue, ashy, red, pink, violet or salmon colored, ever. You’ll notice rich earth tones in our correction collection that have a muted appearance in comparison to chemical organic pigments that are much brighter and best suited for lip procedures. Keep in mind you aren’t shopping for nail polish or an eyeshadow pallet that are applied topically, these colors are designed for intradermal use that heal inside the skin beautifully and reflect perfection. The rich mustard yellow color Joy, is stable and has the same life span as the other pigments in our formula so your clients aren't left with a pencil lead gray residual color in less than a year. Our deep earth orange is a true orange with a true orange undertone. Grace our olive corrector is made of chromium green and iron oxide yellow. We do not use Titanium white, or carbon black in our modifiers/correctors. This is Reverence, responsibility, quality, trust worthiness, and reliability.