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Microblade Perfect

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Microblade Perfect is a spiral bound student manual workbook that teaches the art and science of microblading. Printed on high quality weighted paper, with built in tabs, it is comprised of 168 pages, and 8 chapters, measuring 9in x 15in. and packed with a full robust curriculum in microblading.

In chapter One, I will teach you the subtle nuances of face and eyebrow shapes and how to draw them.

In chapter 2 we will cover measurement principals to achieve balance and synergy.

In chapter Three you will learn 3 hair patterns.

Chapter 4 tackles Intra-dermal Color theory, Overtones, Fitzpatrick, and correction.

Chapter 5 Deep dives into advanced skin anatomy

Chapter 6. Thoroughly investigated aftercare and healing instructions.

Chapter 7 Goes in depth into safety & sanitation protocols and requirements

Chapter 8 provides AAM approved client intake forms, as well as Contracts, Waivers, and disclosures,

Throughout the chapters of this high quality durable manual are tests, drills, and exercises.